Ethiopian Inspired Nursery.

I have one problem in life that consistently causes me trouble.  I have too many ideas.  Now I know there could be worse problems in life but my mind seems to be flooding with ideas which makes decisions and implementation difficult.  Whether it's how to redecorate my house, organize something, ideas for new projects at work, new business ideas or how to decorate the mini's room.  Lately, my mind has been on reorganizing the house and the mini's room.  I've already shared my Go Blue Nursery with you but here is another idea.

1.  Feather Mobile I would love to make my own feather mobile out of clay.  See my inspiration here.
2.  Chevron Charcoal Rug I already bought this during their 75% off sale
3.  Babyletto Hudson Crib I'm committed to this item, I love this crib.
4.  Dear Stella Maasai Mara fabric I would love to use this fabric for a crib sheet.
5. A photo I took in Woliso, Ethiopia.  I would buy an over sized engineering print of this photo from Staples for $5.00 and copy the DIY project over at Apartment Therapy.
6.  Industrial yellow light  I'm quite obsessed with industrial lighting but since we have a rental and due to our previous problems, I won't change the light.  I actually have two wire lamp shade frames that I'm thinking about spray painting yellow and hanging them above the rocking chair.
7.  Ethiopian coffee sack  I would frame this or make it into a pillow for the rocker.
8.  Serena and Lily Menagerie bookend
9.  West Elm Ryder Rocking Chair

How do I decide what to do?


  1. multiple minis is the obvious answer.

    1. I think Rachel has a great solution:)