Go blue.

Go Blue Print (I personalized it in Photoshop)

Lately, I've been extremely excited about decorating the baby's room (shocker, I know).  I have a ton of time but I'm going to be busy all summer so I need to start thinking about this stuff.  As of right now I'm thinking about doing gray, yellow and navy.  Navy has been catching my eye lately and yellow and gray are always amazing together.  Dave is a huge Michigan fan so I pretended that I wanted these colors for that reason.  I told him I was thinking "maze and blue".  He was thrilled.  He originally wanted to get those Fathead Wall Graphics; I told him that would totally scare the kid.  Maybe when he's older.  

I like this room but I think I'm going to head a different route.  I basically did this for fun (I'm a total loser). Aspects of this room will hopefully be in my end product.  

Also, make sure you check out theses free state prints.  I edited a few of them in Photoshop and love how they turned out.  I'm planning on sharing my creations with you very soon.  Stay tuned...

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  1. I like it....all that is missing is a fathead of Tom Brady or Miguel Cabrera