It's always something.

I swear, anytime Dave and I try to do a home project there is something weird about our house that makes it ten times more difficult than it should be.

This time it was hanging a light.  

I found this ugly light fixture at Habitat for Humanity Restore for $2.  I couldn't believe they weren't at least asking $5 for it.  I mean it's outdated, but it still works.  I bought some more of the green spray paint that I used on my side table project and went to town.  

I was so pleased with the way the light turned out and couldn't wait to see how it looked hanging in the room.  When we got around to hanging it we had no idea the surprises we were in for.  We took down the the old light to find a pipe holding up the fixture bracket.  The screws in the bracket to hold up the light weren't in the right spot so somehow we needed to unscrew the cap to the pipe in order to adjust the placements of the screws.

Dave was standing on our table with his face right by the pipe trying to get the cap off.  When the lid started to loosen, we started to hear air coming out.  We had a few guesses at what it could be but Dave assured me he didn't smell anything.  Eventually the cap came off, air started pouring into our house and shockingly enough, it smelled like gas.  Dave dropped the lid out of shock and possibly said an inappropriate word, while I scrambled to grab the cap and open up some windows.  It was a long minute of chaos.

When all said and done we had all the windows to the house open, headaches and... a hanging light.  Here's how it looks:

You should know that this project is not complete.  I didn't show you in the pictures but the light is hanging about an inch from the ceiling. We couldn't use one of the old parts with the new light, figures huh.  Be warned, there could be some interesting gas stories coming in the future.   

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  1. Ohhh my gosh... I am laughing so hard right now at the story about Dave and his "possible inapporpriate word". This story is ridiculous... good thing it happened after your home visit!!