"as is"

This is a slightly old project that I totally forgot to post about.  I was recently reminded because the last two guest that have come to our house have commented on it.  I don't know if their comments were positive or if they thought it was weird, but I figured I should share it with you anyway.  It's really simple and easy - a DIY coffee table.

You only need to find two things for this project:

1.  An "as is" cupboard door from Ikea
2.  Ottoman legs

I had this cupboard door that I used to make our TV stand top bigger at our old house.  I found it in the "as is" section at Ikea for $5.  I used the legs from my semi unsuccessful ottoman project which I got for $3, making the grand total $8.  Not too shabby if I may say so myself.  


  1. Ummm....new couch???? And like the coffee table, very creative!

    1. Yeah, we got it right after Christmas! Do you like it? It's been a lot of pictures I've posted - I'm surprised you didn't notice. Love yoU!