Semi Unsuccessful

This next project I am going to share with you turned out to be semi unsuccessful. I found this ottoman for $3.50 at a thrift store. I really liked it mainly because of the legs. Plus I liked the price so if I messed it up then I wouldn’t feel bad that I spent under $15 to entertain myself for an entire day. That is basically what happened, I ended up with a bad product but cheap entertainment and a good learning experience. This is what it looked like when I got it.

After finding this, I made a few stops to get some things to help beautify it.

My first stop was JoAnn Fabrics. I really wanted to find a modern, yellow and grey print, but nothing was spotted. So I decided on a yellow canvas material. I thought it would be sturdy and easy to clean, but I don’t really know. It was 50% off so I got a yard of it for $3.50.

Next stop was Walmart. I’m sure some of you Walmart haters are out there…or “the Man” as you like to call it. Well, I’m sorry but get over it. Their spray paint is $1.99 a can! That is unbelievable. So yes, I will ALWAYS go to Walmart first to see if they have the spray paint I need!

When I got home I started my demolition. I unscrewed the legs and laid them out on an old sheet. I covered the metal part at the bottom of each leg with tape because I wanted them to stay in their original state. I spray painted each leg and all the screws gray. Then I began on the cushion. I just used my hands and ripped the nasty green vinyl off to find an alarming and quite disgusting surprise. Ewww…I was so grossed out by this stuff. This is the point in the project when I realized the reason for the price. Take a look…

After getting over the grossness, I continued on by cutting my fabric and new padding to size, lying it all flat and using a staple gun to staple it into the bottom wood board. I screwed the legs back in and voila...

The Finished product.

I thought it was quite boring so I tried to spice it up by tying strips of old clothes around it.

I'm still not a huge fan so eventually I will probably do something with paint on it.

Like I said...this was a semi unsuccessful project! But at least it was cheap entertainment for me for a day! Check out the cost.


Ottoman $3.50

Canvas Fabric $3.50

Cushion $5.00

Gray Spray Paint $2.00

Total Cost $14.00

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  1. it's unique! :) what it you do something similar to those chairs you made, but with more strips of fabric??