I love Jack.

I love Jack. No, Jack is not my husband. He’s not my dad or my son (I don’t have a son). He’s not my brother (I don’t have a brother either), brother-in-law or nephew.

He’s the best salsa maker in the world.

Honestly…I’m obsessed.

This salsa is so fresh it puts Pace Picante salsa to shame. It’s sweet, citrusy (I know…not a word) salty, chunky, and so unbelievable you could eat it by the spoonful. Plus it comes in a million different flavors (not really a million, I tend to over exaggerate). Check it out.
My obsession started a few years ago, while living in Canton, Michigan. After I recently moved to Chicago I’ve come to find out that Jack’s Salsa isn’t just at any and every grocery store.Apparently Jack’s Garden Fresh Salsa’s headquarters are in Ferndale, Michigan.
I’ve lived in Chicago for about 6 weeks and I saw Jacks for the first time the other day. I’m going to be honest, I almost jumped up and down. Luckily I realized where I was before going to that extreme. They only have two flavors but heck I’ll take it.

I love all the flavors but I would highly recommend Artichoke Garlic and Jack's Special Medium.
Trust me...you will fall in love.

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