Have you been wondering where I've been?
I have.

My real life stopped.  Literally stopped.
But don't worry - I gained a new life.  Let's call it my camp director life.
I should have warned you that I would be MIA for the entire summer a few months.

I thought you might like to see what this camp director life of mine is like.

My house for the month of May that I shared with 6 other girls.

 Campfire breakfast during leadership training after we slept in the Teepee's

Res Staff ice cream run.

 Kids Hope Picnic in Grand Rapids, MI

My typical wacky Wednesday outfit. 

Hung out with these amazing people (my staff).

Ran 8 weeks of camp with great church partners.

 Towing in the city (so thankful for Brad).

We served 1008 campers in Chicago land and over 11,000 through Day Camps alone. 

I got to see cute kids everyday. 

Constantly reminisced funny camper stories with staff.

 Served dinner and prayed with people on the streets of Chicago.

I was blessed to work with two amazing assistant directors (and my admin Laura who isn't in this pic - probably because she wasn't wearing gray)

I got to live out the mission of SpringHill Camps everyday by "creating life-impacting experiences that allow young people to know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ."

What a blessing it was to be a part of God's mission this summer through SpringHill Day Camps.  

NOTE: I love my camp director life but I'm happy to be back to real life.  Hopefully you'll be hearing from me more.


  1. hooray!! blog update! :)
    um, the kiddo on the bungee bouncy thing? amazing.
    and of course, you know i have to say it, i'm pretty disappointed there's no pictures of you in your sweet polos.

  2. I'm glad you're back to blogging, my friend! Miss you! Loved sharing that brown volunteer house with you!