Every August, in high school, my family would take a mini vacay to NYC.  We called it our "back to school shopping trip."  My dad did a lot of business there so it just worked out for us girls that he would work, we would shop and then we would all hangout for a few days.  We gone back a few times in the past 10 years, but we've lost the yearly tradition.  My sister and I put in a request for a family vacay (minus my nephew) to NYC.  Our request was filled this past labor day!  We had a great trip filled with good conversation, amazing food, laughter, sore legs for my preggo sister, and overall an amazing time together.

 Riding a bikes in Central Park.  Yep, I chose a tandem with my mom - never again... 

We had perfect weather the whole time we were there.  I love the clouds in this picture. 

We went to see Newsies and it was absolutely amazing.

 I love that yellow and gray building in the back.  I wish I lived in it.

Beautiful buildings

This is how my dad was pretty much the whole trip...20 ft behind us.  He won't walk if the pedestrian walk hand is blinking red...typical.

Me and Greggie

L'Ecole - French cooking school restaurant in Soho for brunch.  

25% off sale items at Anthro!

Thai for dinner with our best friends Christine and Brad.

My first time to Chelsea Market and I'm obsessed.  I wish I had enough money to start one of these in Chicago.

 Ate at the Shake Shack after church on Sunday in Madison Square Park.

Walked on the High Line for the first time.  It's pretty cool.  Read more about it here

Went to Public for dinner with the fam.  

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  1. oh my gosh. i love that pic of greggie. i laughed out loud.
    looks like an amazing trip!