Who the Heck are These People?

I need to apologize from the beginning that this may not be a very fun post for you. You’re probably thinking “It’s only her second post and it’s boring already.” This post is fun for me so bare with it. For some reason I get this amazing satisfaction when I can tell someone about deals that I’ve found. My husband knows the routine, anytime I get home from shopping: ask to see what I got, hear the cost and if asked to guess the cost always guess high. Maybe I’m just weird, and you have no idea what I’m talking about but I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm not alone on this. Anyway, for my own satisfaction check out just a few of the incredible deals I’ve found at thrift stores over the last few weeks. Hey maybe you’ll be inspired to check out the stores near you!

TOMS Shoes (Yes, the real deal) $4.99

valued on TOMS.com $48

Northface Fleece (barely worn) $9.99

Valued at Dicks for $80.00

Aerosoles Brown Heals (lightly worn) $4.90
Steve Madden Flats (lightly worn) $1.40
Aldo Wedges (lightly worn) $1.40

Ralph Lauren- Men's Dress Shirt $4.80

Many great name brand shirts!

Starbuck's Travel Cup (brand new) $2.99

retails at Starbucks for $10.95

What I want to know is who the heck are these people that buy this stuff and don’t wear it?

I love them...


  1. So jealous of the Toms!! Possibly your best find ever.

  2. And THIS is why I love thrift stores, too! You should see the robe I just bought at one in Toledo!! It's one of those warm, fuzzy ones that retails at JC Penney for $28. Guess how much! $2.50!!! I was sooo excited!

  3. Oh, and it was brand new, with tags!