A New Discovery

I have always been a big fan of Trader Joes. How could you not love that place…cheap wine, great frozen meals and best of all, the sample hut. I went there the other day to pick up a few of our favorites and I discovered a perfect fall snack…Pumpkin Bread Mix. I have to say, it tastes just like Starbucks pumpkin bread but without those nasty seeds on the top of it. It’s not quite as good as my mom’s recipe (which I’m sure I’ll blog about at some point this fall) but it’s really quick, easy and delicious. All you need are water, oil and eggs.

I couldn’t find a bread pan so I had to make it in that weird pan. Sort of like the time last fall when I decided I wanted to make an apple pie. After peeling and cutting ALL the apples I realized I didn’t have a pie dish. The square baking dish worked sufficiently and was quite original if I may say so myself!

Besides the pumpkin break mix here are some of my favorites from Trader Joes:

If you get a chance to stop by Trader Joes...ENJOY!

(and don't forget to stop by the sample hut!)

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  1. Your mom told us about your blog - I love it! I'm sorry that you are so bored but it sounds like you are using your time wisely. I have to say though - I don't get the facination with Trader Joes. I have been there a few times but it doesn't do anything for me. Anyway, I am jealous of your deal on the shoes - not fair cuz I paid full price. :(