Where to Start...

Well, since I haven’t had much to do in the past few months, I already have so many projects I’m excited to share with you. Hmm, where here to start…
Okay, so on one of my many hours thrifting I came across these chairs. They look cooler in this picture (below) than they really were. It’s fake leather, basically cardboard.

I had a pile of old clothes that I didn’t wanted anymore and decided to put them to good use. I cut the clothes into different size strips and began making a web for the seat of each chair. I also purchased a few things at the thrift store during the 3 for $1 sale including a few belts to add to the collection. I didn’t sew anything during this whole project (mainly because I don’t know how), I just tied a lot of knots. I got a skirt at the thrift store with buttons up the front and added a few other pieces of gray clothing and the backs were done. Take a look at the finished product:

Chair #1: $4
Chair #2: $2
Extra clothing/belts: $5
Old Clothes: $0
TOTAL for two chairs: $11
Oh I did have to buy new scissors for $10 because mine were packed. So really the cost was $21 but I’m not counting that!

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