Christmas Sign.

This past Thanksgiving my mom thought it would be fun for the girls to do a Pinterest craft together.  Usually we spend a lot of our weekend shopping for Christmas deals but since my sister had a two week old baby we knew it would be tough to make that happen.

My mom brought all the supplies which was amazing.  She bought each of us 6 pieces of wood of two different widths.  She brought left over paint samples from when they were repainting their house, stencils and brushes.

I mixed the gray paint in a plastic cup with some water and gently brushed it on the wood to make it look worn.  I decided what I wanted my sign to say and started to lay out the stencils on my boards.  I stenciled it before enforced the wood together using white acrylic paint and a stencil brush.  After I completed the stenciling and the wood was dry I used two small boards down the back of the sign and nailed them to each board to hold them all together.

I think the total cost of the project was around $15.  Not bad, huh? 


  1. 1. what the! did i miss a post with the completed hutch?! it looks AMAZING.
    2. that sign is also awesome.

  2. I really like it! Nice job.