Last month we traveled to Ethiopia to meet our son.  Most airline routes to Ethiopia travel through Europe so we thought it would be fun to make a pit stop on our way home.  We used frequent flyer miles for the trip, so Amsterdam was the best option for our mini vacay.  Neither Dave or I have been there for longer than a few hours and we thought it would give us something to look forward to after leaving our child in a different country. 

We didn’t have too many things planned for the mini vacay.  We mainly just wanted to spend time together and experience the city.  Here are some of my favorite pictures and experiences from our trip.

 This is where we stayed (the red one).  It was SO cool.  

Two for Joy was one of the cutest coffee shops I've been in. I loved the decor.  

 Here's one seating area in the coffee shop.  I love the couch that's against the brick wall.

 Yep, a fast food vending machine.  Why not, right?

 Exploring the city on our rented bikes.  It's the only way to see Amsterdam.

Amazing brick everywhere. 

A little fry shack.  I think I should open one in Chicago. 

 One of the coolest rugs I've ever seen.  It was in one of the museums.  

 Beautiful Amsterdam.

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