I've been doing lots of projects in the past few months, since camp ended.  It's be so much fun - I missed being creative and crafty.  My project list is pretty long and has been keeping me busy.  Once they are all completed I'll have a few fun projects to share with you.

This particular project was a redo. I'm sure you've seen this project a billion times on pinterest.  I made a sign last spring, put it in the house but hated it.  So I redid it.  It's nothing fancy but it goes well with the other frames I put it with and I like it much better than I did before.  Here's how I did it.

Step 1:  Buy a picture from a thrift store
Step 2:  Spray painted the frame (I chose white)
Step 3:  Use vinyl letters to make a phrase on your picture
Step 4:  Use acrylic paint and paint over the picture and letters
Step 5:  Allow the paint to dry
Step 6:  Peel off the vinyl letters
Step 7:  Paint over the letters so you have a blank slate
Step 8:  Put on the phrase of your choice with vinyl letters
Step 9:  Hang on the wall or display on a shelf

Obviously this wall isn't finished.  The redo is the "Do what you love" sign.  

This project is so simple, cheap and easy.  Go ahead, try it!

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