As you saw in my earlier post Adler, my nephew, turned three at his Superhero party.  For his birthday present, I put my sewing skills to the test and made him a little to-go, play pack.  I thought it would be perfect for their drive down to Florida for spring break and for everyday entertainment in the car.  I didn't have a pattern or anything I made it up.  There are a lot of mess ups but you can't really tell because of the fabric.  I got lucky!  I filled it with a few toys I thought he'd enjoy.

The good news is that I'm learning and improving on my sewing.  Hopefully some day I'll actually be good at it.  Until then I'll just keep practicing!


  1. This is totally adorable. Shall we bring out sewing machines to training? I'm dying to be creative with you. You're awesome.

  2. Wow. i need some lessons.