A week ago we went over to our friends Whitney and Michael's house for dinner. They were telling us about how they recently did a cleanse and detox diet. The point of it is to cleanse your body but also to get you acquainted with better eating habits. The one they did was called the Whole Living Detox. Dave was really excited and decided that we should do it. There's no part of me that wants to do this but our friends said its so much easier if you do it with someone.   So I decided to suck it up and do it.  It's a three week cleansed and here's how it goes:

Week 1: Only eat fruits, veggies and nuts.
Week 2: Add fish, lentils and beans to your week 1 diet.
Week 3: Add gluten free grains to your week 2 diet.

Today was our first day and I'll be honest I'm not off to a great start.  I've had a headache since 1pm and I already cheated.  We took a trip to Costco to pick up loads of fruits, veggies and nuts and I passed by so many sample stations.   The final one on the way out was peanut butter cups and I couldn't resist.  Oops.

For dinner I decided to get creative.  I sauteed some garlic, onion, brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes in olive oil (don't worry it was a very small amount).  I put it over lettuce and added some salt and pepper. It actually didn't taste bad but I could only eat half of it - I'm already sick of veggies.

Well, wish me luck, pray for me, and laugh at my misery whenever you think of it!  I'll keep you in the loop about the outcome. 

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  1. impressive! you should make some green shakes - blend fruits & spinach. they're pretty good!