I subscribe to Fab.  It's a deal site for unique furniture, art, clothes and much more.  I've learned about so many amazing artists through the site.  I could honestly buy something everyday but the other day I saw a product that caught my eye.  It was one of those things where you think "Man, I wish I would have thought of that."  It's called Fantasy Floorplans.  The artist makes blueprints of different TV show's homes.  I've picked my favorites to show you but be sure to check out the website; they have so many different options.

Friends - Monica Geller and Rachel Green
Seinfeld - Jerry Seinfeld
The Cosby Show - Clair and Cliff Huxtable

I'm thinking thick, yellow frames accompanied by large white mats.  Which TV shows would you chose?

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  1. Ha! Hilarious! Love the Friends one, obviously.