best yet.

Today I was walking home from the post office to find Marie waiting for me on the front porch. Marie is our landlord who lives on the first floor of our house. She is the sweetest lady and we've become friends over the past year. She moved to Chicago from Germany with her husband in 1964. Since her husband died years ago, shes been holding down the fort alone. I know she has amazing stories that I'm dying to hear but she likes to talk about the weather mostly. She likes to talk about church and her family next.

When she saw me walking up today, she became very focused on getting me into her house. I tried to start casual conversation and she didn't seem interested. She handed me a present wrapped in plaid tissue paper and a box of amazing homemade German cookies. She had a huge smile on her face as I opened the present. It was a gingerbread house she made me. She said she's been working on it every night to get it done before we went home to Michigan. She was so proud and exited. Her thoughtfulness almost made me tear up. It truly was one of the best Christmas presents yet. Hope you are blessed by thoughtfulness this Christmas season!


  1. that is so cute! oh marie...

    vword: midall...
    as in... i might be needing some soon. ha!

  2. wow that is WAY WAY cooler than what I pictured!