spray paint.

I love spray paint.  It can bring new life to almost anything.  Recently, I had a great find at a garage sale.  The garage sales in the city aren't like the ones in the suburbs.  There aren't nearly as many and they don't have as much stuff for sale.  So I got lucky with these.

 (This is a terrible picture, sorry)

The lady had 12 of them and I would have bought them all if I had a roof top deck.  Maybe someday... but for now I settled for two.

three bottles of spray paint
a really sore hand and finger
a green patio because I didn't cover it well
hours of pulling this dumb fabric off the old chair pads
a trip to Joann's for some gray and white striped, $5 a yard fabric
...these babies are good as new!

I know they're for the outdoors but I decided they look cute inside until next summer!

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