Simple Decorating

I love where we live.

We live in a brownstone, on a tree lined street, with houses I will never be able to afford...EVER.

Our second story flat is charming with it's wood work, vintage doors and knobs, original hardwood floors, huge windows, high ceilings and so much more.

But my main complaint is that all the walls are white. I know, there's an easy fix called paint, but we aren't sure that we want to put in the work since we aren't sure how long we will be here.

So I've been trying to make my decor full of color without making it look like a kids room. Here's one thing I found to help with my dilemma...

Categorize your books by color.

I know, it's not a new discovery or anything, but I've never done it before. People/Dave made fun of me when I was doing this but I absolutely love it. I think it adds so much to my room and makes something simple, that I already had, a focal point.

I made the wood book shelf out of wine crates I found at a thrift store. Actually, I'm not sure I can say I made it since all I did was stack them on top of each other. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture (if you can call it that) for only $20.

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