I'm alive, just in case you were wondering.

Well, I'm back! Excuse my absence for the past three months. I got a job...actually two. Don't worry, I've still been finding joy in each day, I just haven't been able to share it with you. A lot has happened since my last post besides the jobs. Let me give you a photo update...

1 We moved to Lincoln Square in Chicago. We absolutely love it.

2 We've had lots of visitors! This picture was taken on New Year's Eve at Navy Pier.

3 Basically all the Christmas shopping I did this year was from Anthropologie (my second job). Good thing that store is awesome. This is my cute niece, Eliana, with her new apron on!

4 I bought a brand new, west elm couch, off of craigslist for $250. I know it's a little sketch but we are pleased so far. We had to buy a new one because our sectional wouldn't fit up the stairs in our new house.

I can't promise that I'll be posting everyday, but hopefully I'll be around more than I have been.

See ya!


  1. Welcome back! I've missed your blogging self. Love the new couch - your mom told me you got one & I was anxious for a pic. Um, way to post about your BEST visitors... ;P

  2. Wow I thought the blog was gone for good... just got a mini catch up on things :)