Creative Geniuses.

I love the store Anthropologie. I’ve probably only bought ten items from there my whole life because it’s a bit out of my price range, but I love the colors, the unique styles, the home decor section, and pretty much everything. Most clothing stores you can find a cheap knock off version of a piece of clothing you really want, but not so much at Anthropologie. Their clothes are like art. I love it!

Although I’m obsessed with the clothes, the thing I love most about the store are their displays. Honestly, these people are ridiculous. Hands down, one of my dream jobs would be to be a part of this creative team of people. I go into the store just to see the displays. They are incredibly detailed and creative. If you’ve never noticed this before you need to check it out. I was in there the other day and I took a few pictures to give you an idea of how incredible it is. Take a look.

This light is made out of old hardcover books.

These are big sheets of paper rolled up, with flowers painted on them and slightly cut out. They are back lit.

I love this bookshelf. I might try to make one.

A bunch of rulers glued together to make this stick stand.

I want this bench.

These displays have been up now for a while so I’m sure they will be changing soon. Stop in next time you’re near a store to see for yourself how amazing they are!

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  1. that book cover chandelier is fabulous. i want it for my classroom. my dad could probably make that bookshelf, or at least something similar.