on a whim.

On a whim, this past Sunday, I decided I was sick of my cute little nook looking white and boring.  Ever since we've moved in I've wanted wallpaper that space.  I thought about doing a chevron pattern, wallpaper that you can color or wallpaper with doodles on it.  I haven't done it yet because I haven't found a good deal on anything that I love!  So I just pulled out the black acrylic paint from my closet and went to town.

The first few words are bigger in this picture - I fixed them with white paint!
I want to get something simple and colorful for the shelf.

I may get sick of it or find some sweet wallpaper on sale.  Until then, this will do.


  1. i LOVE it!
    sara ashly. you're wonderful. :)

  2. Cute. I'm surprised that the Pistons weren't called out specifically - they've moved down to just "Detroit sports"?? What has happened to your Bad Boys loyalty :)