Greyhouse Coffee.

I spent the last 6 days traveling around Indiana, hounding staff (college students) for my team this summer.  I was with 7 of my co-workers and we had quite the week.  It consisted of meeting new people, interviews, coffee shops, 5 different colleges, restaurants, seeing friends, laughing (a lot), no sleep and donuts.  My favorite place we went this week was a little coffee shop in West Lafayette near Purdue University.  It's called Greyhouse Coffee and Supply Co.

I loved the decor.
The food was delicious.
The coffee was rich and smooth.
It was creative, yet simple.
I couldn't get out of the leather chairs because they were so comfortable.
They had crepes and gelato, two of my favorite things in this world.
Oh, and the bathrooms were super cute.

I took some pictures of my favorite things so you wouldn't miss out!  Take a look.

More pictures of the week to come.  Stay tuned.

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