people and food.

Last weekend we hung out in Michigan with some of our favorite friends.  Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures but the weekend consisted of many things that make me happy:
  • Talking life, adoptions, sports, theology, teenagers, ministry with Doug and Rachel.
  • Hanging out with students from our old youth group in Michigan.
  • Eating Szechuan - the best Chinese restaurant in the world.
  • Hausing down some Hungry Howie's pizza with butter cheese crust, extra parm on the crust.
  • Shopping with my old condo mate, Kyle, to buy decorations for his new apartment.
  • A long drive and great conversations with Anthony and Dave.
  • Eating Szechuan - yes, it really should be on the list twice.

A conclusion that you can come to from this post...people and food make me happy.  


  1. yay!
    the only thing missing is how much you loved seeing weezy, a.k.a. demon cat.

  2. p.s. love the new layout! :)