Baby, Baby.

Last weekend was the baby shower for one of my best friends, Courtney.  She's amazing in so many ways.  She is so compassionate for people, very generous, an extremely hard worker, loyal, and she is going to be an incredible Mom.  I can't wait to watch and learn from her.  The shower took place in Winona Lake at a place called "The Lodge".  The building was slightly outdated but the windows were awesome.  I didn't get as many pictures of the details as I would have liked but you'll get the general idea of the party.

The invitations and party schedules were printed on Trader Joe's bags.  On the back I printed "Handmade with 100% recycled material."  There were to be no "boring" shower games at Courtney's request.  She wanted it to be a casual party with family and friends.  Sometimes if there's nothing planned, showers can be boring if you don't know anyone.  I decided that I would plan some optional activities for people to participate in during the party.  I had three activity stations:  a station where guest could paint a wood block for the baby, a photo booth, and an advice station.  The advice stations consisted of envelopes numbered from one to eighteen and guests could write advice for a specific age and stick it in the appropriate envelope.

My co-planners for the shower made some awesome food.  We had a cheese plate with crackers and jam and cheese and chocolate fondue.  Of course we had some PBR on the table to go with the "Hipster" theme, wine and some all natural soda from Trader Joe's.
Invite printed on Trader Joe's bags with black envelopes

This is the schedule they were supposed to take when they arrived to the shower (see what it says below).

The shower schedule
The yummy food.
Drink station.

Advice and Photo booth stations.

My Favorite Photo booth picture (Court with her cousins).

Me, Court, and Erin.

It was a fun celebration...now we just have to wait for the baby to come!


  1. so cute! love all the details, as always. :)

  2. This was the most aMAZingly creative shower I have ever seen! You know me so well & I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! Love you!

  3. So sad I missed it. Looks like you did a great job as usual!