I don't know about you but I never like to put up personalized photos in my house.  I love the homeyness and warmth it can bring to a home but I'm too lazy.  I never get around to changing the pictures and then I get annoyed that all the pictures on my walls are from 3 years ago.  I've been determined to figure out a solution to my problem - the result is still unknown.

I bought two measuring rulers from Urban General Store in my neighborhood.  They were around $4.25 each.  I used mini (of course) clothes pins and clips I had from my scrapbook supplies to hang black and white photos on them.  My theory is that I will change them more often since I don't have to take them out of a frame.  We'll see if it's true!

I would love to get this someday to go right on top, centered on this wall.  Maybe I'll try to make one.

Doubt it; but it was a good thought.

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