Have you ever wondered why in the world you have so much stuff?  I do.  I guess that's what I get for shopping at Good Will, too much stuff that I had to buy because it was only $1!  

I've especially have been feeling this way after our trip to Paris this past weekend.  We stayed in a quaint little apartment in the city.  It was simple and clean.  None of the walls were painted.  Nothing was cluttering the TV stand (that's our stuff in the pic) and there weren't a million side tables like at my house.  It was refreshing but still felt like a home.  Florence, who owned the apartment, was so sweet.  She told us to help ourselves to her tea collection and added extra details to make it a fun place to stay.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of the apartment we rented and have the urge to go clean out your house (like me).  

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  1. 1. look at all that WHITE! :)
    2. love that little staircase
    3. that table & chairs!! i.am.obsessed.