We are so fortunate.  Everyday I take for granted so many things, my clothes, car, family and friends, the food in my pantry and also my freedom to declare that I am a follower of Christ.  We just received an email from our good friend from Ethiopia.  His email reminded me of how fortunate I am.  He is the pastor of a church in Ethiopia, who we partner with through an organization called World Orphans.  Last week his church with the help of World Orphans opened a children's home on their property to provide families, education and love for orphans in the area.  Apparently, they aren't just rescuing orphans.  Read part of his email below and learn more about his everyday reality.
Last week we got another negelacted person also not only the orphans.4 days before accepting the children we accepted one person who is persecuted by his muslims family. He was living in west part of Ethiopia where it is dominated by the Muslims. He heared about Jesus and accepted sudenly by himself with out any one help. Then when his parents realized that they tried to force him to deney Jesus but he stood up firm. Lastly, his parents and the other muslims chased him to kill him by cutting of his neck to night. He run from their hands by God's power and fell down in a cliff. Lastly, they couldn't find him and he scaped to another local district where he gets few christians. It was so risk or hard to stay in that area for that continuesly the muslims were looking for him to kill him. Lastly the chrirstians and church from the area he was previously living, called us to take him into our church and to support him permanently. We are supporting him totally by the church budjet and christins are participating in it. We sent him to school and he is grade five. He is 18 years old. Please pray for him to grow in Christ and for this of our additional ministry.
Crazy and sad, huh?  I can't even imagine this.  It makes me so sad but feel so grateful at the same time for the incredible God that we serve.

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  1. wow - that's crazy. i freaking love that church. God is doing such huge things through them!!