My New Life.

My life has been a bit crazy lately, but so much fun.  I am loving SpringHill Day Camps and feel so blessed to be a part of the ministry.  I have been traveling around to different day camps for a while now and I've met some great people and some funny kids.  Here is just one of the many stories I've heard of how God is working through SpringHill Day Camps!  It's about a couple from Chesterton, IN.  They were picking up a little girl they mentor through a program called Kid's Hope to take her to Day Camp at their church.  Here's what they wrote...

We were picking up our little girl this morning and in the middle of our chatting about random things, she says "I think I believe in Jesus now. Because last night I cried, and I prayed 'Jesus, I believe you and I believe you know the number of hairs on my head.'"
We about died. It was amazing and although I tried to ask 300 follow up questions, she mostly wanted to just talk about her stuffed monkey.

I had been feeling a little sad that on Wednesday, she wasn't able to articulate much (I figured Wednesday would be her salvation day :)), but she did say that they asked their counselors lots of questions. But she couldn't give me details. I was just submitting myself to God's timing...thinking, well, this is just going to be a deposit into her future life with Jesus. So when she told us this morning, I was just so thrilled.

As my sister says, "The hand of God is far-reaching."

When I pulled her counselor aside this morning, she told me that she had been asking her so many questions yesterday and just didn't seem ready to commit, so she told our little girl to pray about it when she got home and to see what other questions she had.

I was so impressed by the counselor and felt a whole new set of emotions towards Springhill - I've been on the receiving side now, and I'm just speechless.

Praise Jesus!

Two days later... 
During the closing ceremony, the Camp Director instructed the kids that if they didn't have a church that they should think about coming to Liberty. Our little girl ran up to us when it concluded and begged my husband and I to bring her to church (although she had no idea what day "church" is on and even if it happened every day - seriously adorable and humbling).  I told her I could call her grandparents and see if we could get permission. She said, "Can't you just ask them when you drop me off?" Of course, silly me. We got permission, and brought her to "Sunday School" this morning (this was new terminology to her). She had a blast, and we were able to buy her a kids' Action Bible - she read me the creation story on the way home. Needless to say, we'll be picking her up next Sunday.

I just wanted to share this with you.  This is just one of many stories of how God is working in kids hearts all over the Midwest!  

Praise be to God!

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  1. aw, what a great story! thanks for sharing! :)