So fresh.

Pike Place Market was one of the highlights of my trip to Seattle. I must say it was much smaller than I thought it was going to be and the "fish throwing" is a myth. Even with those disappointments it was still one of my favorite places we visited.

Sunday morning we got up really early (6:30) so we could go down and see the fish throwing (which we heard we HAD TO see). So when I heard a "fish throwing" I was expecting to see fisherman throwing the fish off the boat into a container to take up to the market. Although I was skeptical, I thought that maybe this would be worth the early morning rise. Nope. We get to the market and are looking around to realize that we are pretty much the only people around. We see a few guys setting up a fish stand and ask them where we can see the fish throwing. That's when they said the dreadful words, "It's a myth, we don't actually do that." They proceeded to tell us that if we buy a fish they will throw it from the stand to the counter which was about 5ft away. Not what is had in mind...

When the market opened we bought some salmon, prawns, and fresh oysters. We took them back to my friends house and cooked them up for dinner. Everything was delicious and so fresh. It was a real treat.

I also love the fruit stands. They have so many fun colors and the workers would hand you fruit slices as you walked by. Yum.

I wish there was a Pike Place Market in Chicago. I guess I'll have to be content with my farmers markets.

More Seattle adventures to come...

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  1. YUM. Fresh seafood = tops.

    I could have sworn I saw a documentary about Pike's Place in middle school, and there was definitely fish throwing. I just wish they wouldn't be such liars.