Easy Peasy

This dessert is easy and a huge crowd pleaser. The other weekend I attended a baby shower and I offered to bring a dessert. What better of a choice than my yummy Brownie Truffle. I kept calling it my "Signature Dessert" because I make it all the time and Dave was making so much fun of me. Don't worry, it was worthy of the laughs...it's really nothing special! Here's the recipe just in case you want to try it out.

1 box of brownies (with ingredients to make them)
2 boxes of instant chocolate pudding
3.5 cups of milk
4 crushed up heath bars
1 medium container of Cool Whip

- Prepare brownie mix according to directions and cool completely.
- Cut the brownies into inch size squares.
- Prepare the chocolate pudding according to directions minus 1/2 cup of milk.
- Crush heath bars in a plastic bag.
- In a trifle dish layer brownie pieces then chocolate pudding, whip cream and health pieces.
- Repeat this layer sequence once more.
- Chill a few hours before serving.

All you have to do is eat until you reach the bottom!
Oh, and don't think about the calories.


  1. Shoop- I can't believe I didn't even have any of this at the shower. I wish I would have!

  2. I didn't know you had a blog! a food one at that... amazing. I enjoyed my first visit here (through Rachel's blog). And by the way, it was nice to see you at church today!